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More on the name ‘SoldOutrageous’ and CVN’s Sold Outrageous Program:

The Sold Outrageous Museum of Television Shopping draws it’s name from a late night home shopping program called ‘Sold Outrageous’. CVN – The Cable Value Network’s ‘Sold Outrageous’ was one of the most successful concepts in Home Shopping history. During it’s run on CVN, the show, hosted by National Television Host John Cremeans, generated a whopping 50% increase in sales! The show developed a cult following that became so enraged after the show was cancelled by QVC, the new owner of CVN, that they deluged the phone centers and management with 100′s of thousands of emails and calls! Needless to say, QVC was forced to bring the show back to air!

Sold Outrageous was a unique marketing idea and no other network has been able to duplicate the success, nor the chemistry that made that show what it was then.  Host John Cremeans and the energy he brought to the show, along with a band of characters brought to life by John Olson and Ann Buchwald, changed nightly depending on the theme of the day. The most popular segments included:

  • John  - ‘The Doctor of Shopology’ and his nurse!
  • Buz – The bush pilot scouring the globe for special deals!
  • Dr. What – A futuristic time traveler predicting his next super buy with his video scanner!
  • Glenda – The cocktail waitress from the Tiki-Tiki Lounge at the Minneapolis Airport!
  • Milly – The magical mouse and bringer of gold treasures!

Sold Outrageous Cast and Technical Support:

  • Host: John Cremeans
  • Cohosts: John Olson, Ann Buchwald
  • Producer: Carolyn ‘Andi’ Adams
  • Director/Producer: Greg Litchy

More About Your Host, John Cremeans:

I am John Cremeans, one of the first several on-air home shopping hosts and considered a pioneer in the home shopping industry with over 25,000 live hours, over 100,000 product presentations and over 2 billion dollars in sales! Since 1985 to the present, My span of over 24 years as a national television host is unrivaled by only a few in electronic retailing. I consider myself extemely fortunate to do something that I absolutely love! During my tenure in this industry I have represented designer jewelry lines, cookware, the latest electronics, everything for the home…even fashion!I am currently employed at HSN, and have been with the company for close to 19 years! I’ve hosted the ‘Sunrise’ morning show for 4 years and earlier on in my tenure hosted the midnight to 3AM slot for over 14 years! I am the most recognized late night, early morning, shopping host in the industry! My broadcast career started while I was a senior in high school and worked at a local radio station – WIXK AM & FM in New Richmond, Wisconsin doing part-time night and weekend announcing. I later worked in talk radio at WRPX AM in Hudson, Wisconsin just outside the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. I was promoted to News Director at both stations and later became the Station Manager at WRPX. My moniker “The Doctor of Shopology” was given to me by a caller during my earlier days as a host. My travels have taken me to networks that have included American’s Value Network, CVN – The Cable Value Network and currently HSN. One of my most popular shows was CVN’s ‘Sold Outrageous’ and HSN’s Sunrise Show with my cohosts Lynn Murphy and Lori Leland! They were affectionately known as my ‘Cremeans Cuties’!